Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

All Agnes Fine Jewelry pieces are handcrafted with passion, to be used by you with the same passion. With proper jewelry care, this passion will not end.

The first rule of thumb of proper jewelry care is to remove jewelry during any activity that could cause physical damage.

We recommend that you wear the jewelry last to avoid any damage. Therefore, you cannot unintentionally cause any damage to the product while wearing it before going out.

For a long-lasting piece, we recommend that you do not use your Agnes piece in wet environments. We recommend that you remove jewelry when taking a bath or shower. It is especially important when you are at the beach, sea or chlorinated water.

Try not to reveal perfume, hairspray or any make-up on items containing gemstones, as this may damage the integrity of the product.

We recommend that you store your jewelry in a dry place when you are not wearing it. For this purpose, you can use your magnetic jewelry box, which is delivered to you with the product.